You scream,i scream..we all scream for ICE CREAM!!

So, preety sure y’all (or most of you) have tried baskin robbins, haagen dazs, ben&jerrys, all fast-food resto in jkt…and the list goes on……but have you try eating korean ice cream?? well,..ive havent try the ones in a korean restaurant yet. Anywwayy..i discovered a bakery shop (Sunflower Bakery) at Pondok Indah that sells korean ice cream sticks!!! (WO0HOO!)

1 ice cream stick (any flavor) will cost you about Rp. 10,000. preetyyy costly, but heck…when u crave for is no exception…well unless if it cost like a million rupiah……its a whole different storyyy.  There are a lot of interesting flavors such as honeydew, soda, vanilla with red bean, coffee coated with a layer of coffee….and so on.

These awesomeeee ice cream flavors will definatelyy make your day even moree happier. 🙂

Happy ice cream day!


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